The Movies That Made Me Engages In Monkey Business with Dr. Z!

The Movies That Made Me

Since exploding onto the comedy scene in the early 1990s (thanks in large part to his hilarious and influential Showtime special Panic, Lust and Confusion), Dana Gould has firmly established himself as a performer to watch. Along with his standup and acting roles, Gould has also served as a creative force who has helped produce shows ranging from The Simpsons to Parks and Recreation to the cult favorite Stan Against Evil. But it is perhaps his most recent role that is his most ambitious and madcap to date, that of a parody of Doctor Zaius from Planet of the Apes.

Part Fernwood 2 Night/part Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Gould’s YouTube Series Hanging with Dr. Z recontextualizes the cinematic orangutan as gadfly Hollywood talk show host whose experiences in showbiz are ripe with comedic hilarity. The premise allows Gould to riff on the pop culture that he is so steeped in while also bringing along game celebrity guests who fearlessly take part in Dr. Z’s shenanigans.

It is all so wonderful beyond words that I can’t recommend it enough.

In the latest episode of their fantastic podcast The Movies That Made Me, hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante welcome “Dr. Z” as he discusses “a few of his favorite monkey movies.” As you can imagine, it gets pretty weird and funny along the way. For a complete overview of all the titles that Gould, er, Dr. Z, discusses in the episode, visit Movies Unlimited. And be sure to pick up what Dr. Z is throwing down, and watch as he effortlessly makes talk show hosting look like monkey business.