“The Movies That Made Me” Welcomes David Morse!

The Movies That Made Me

Hosted by Josh Olson and Joe Dante, The Movies That Made Me is the ultimate podcast for film lovers, one that is packed with wisdom, wit and incredible special guests. In the show’s just-released episode, character actor extraordinaire David Morse (whose career has spanned works as varied as the recent probing actioner The Virtuoso, the legendary TV series St. Elsewhere, the sci-fi epic 12 Monkeys, and many more) talks his favorite films with Josh and Joe. It’s a compelling listen that features some fantastic insights from Morse, as well as mentions of pictures spanning the 1960s to today. So many titles are mentioned in fact that Movies Unlimited has partnered with The Movies That Made Me to set up this As Heard On The Movies That Made Me page that chronicles all the available titles discussed in the show. You’ll find this overview the perfect companion to listening to the episode, and one that will enhance your appreciation of David Morse and the movies that made him one of our most intriguing performers.