What’s Your Favorite Toy-Related Cartoon from the 1980s?

G.I. Joe

The 1980s were a magical time for animation. Thanks to the blurring of the lines between commerce and entertainment — helped largely by changes in regulations on children’s television — toy lines became, um, transformed into cartoons that dominated the airwaves in the decades. Much to the delight of kids (and the disdain of their parents wallets) shows like G.I. Joe, The Transformers, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Jem, etc. featured fantastic TV fun and adventure that viewers could literally bring home by heading to their local toy store. These shows and their spin-off merchandise were huge money makers that helped shape the psyches of an entire generation, and their impact can still be felt in today’s reboot-happy pop culture landscape. So for this week’s poll, we wanted to get your opinion on what your favorite toy-related cartoon from the 1980s is. Vote below, and share your toy TV memories in the comments!

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