“Soul” and “News of the World” Are Among the Latest Blu-ray and DVD Releases


This week’s batch of new releases include everything from family-friendly hits to world cinema classics. We think you’ll agree that right now is an amazing time to be an entertainment lover, and these film and TV hits will become a cherished part of your home video library. Take a look at what titles are now available!

Soul (2020)

Middle-school music teacher Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) landed his dreamed-of gig with a legendary jazz band–and then promptly stepped into an open manhole. While comatose in the hospital, his stubborn consciousness winds up in a way station for unborn souls destined for Earth–and his salvation might hinge upon convincing a cynically disinterested soul (Tina Fey) that life’s worth living. Inspirational Pixar effort co-stars the voices of Alice Braga, Richard Ayoade, Angela Bassett, and Questlove.

News of the World (2020)

Texas, 1870: Ex-Confederate officer turned traveling news reader Jefferson Kidd (Tom Hanks) agreed to take charge of a semi-feral 10-year-old girl (Helena Zengel)–newly freed from an upbringing with the Kiowa–and deliver her to her surviving relatives in Coatesville. Their journey through a territory fraught with political tension, as well as more palpable peril, is colorfully recounted in this take on the Paulette Jiles western novel from Paul Greengrass; Mare Winningham, Elizabeth Marvel co-star.

The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song (2021)

The central and foundational role of the Black church over four centuries of the African-American experience is scrutinized and celebrated in this epic-length documentary from producer/host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The shaping of faith traditions from Africa into a form of Christianity wholly its own, and the evolution of the worship space, are examined; perspectives are shared by Oprah Winfrey, John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, Cornel West, Rev. Al Sharpton, many others.

Shoot Out (1971)

After doing eight years hard time for bank robbery, Clay Lomax (Gregory Peck) saddles up to confront the partner (James Gregory) who sold him out. His quest for vengeance, however, is complicated by the trio of bad hombres hired by his ex-colleague…as well as an orphan girl unanticipatedly placed in his care. Singular sagebrusher co-stars Jeff Corey, Susan Tyrrell, Pepe Serna; Henry Hathaway directs.

Showdown (1973)

Chuck Jarvis (Rock Hudson) and Billy Massey (Dean Martin) had been pals since they were kids, up until Billy lost out in their rivalry over the same girl (Susan Clark). Years later, they’re finally headed for a reunion…as Billy’s now a train robber, and Chuck’s the sheriff bound to bring him in. Wistful sagebrush comedy co-stars Donald Moffat, Ed Begley, Jr.; final directing assignment for George Seaton.

Crossed Swords (aka The Price and the Pauper)(1977)

Based on Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper,” this adventure chronicles what happens when royal youth Edward (Mark Lester) switches places with his peasant double, Tom Canty (Lester again), in Tudor England. As Tom adjusts to a life of riches, Edward struggles to live like ordinary folks do. But when King Henry VIII suddenly dies, both young men discover the consequences of their actions. Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Ernest Borgnine, George C. Scott, and Charlton Heston star. AKA: “The Prince and the Pauper.”

Dracula (2020)

In the late 1890s, British realtor Jonathan Harker (John Heffernan) thought it would be simple business to journey to Eastern Europe and close a transaction. His encounter with the mysterious Count Dracula (Claes Bang), however, would find him relocating to a literal hell. Compelling and stylish miniseries take on Bram Stoker’s vampire classic from “Sherlock” co-creators Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat also stars Morfydd Clark, Dolly Wells, Joanna Scanlan, Jonathan Aris, Sacha Dhawan.

Breaking News in Yuba County (2021)

When Sue Buttons (Alison Janney) caught her no-good husband Carl (Matthew Modine) in flagrante, the shock gave him a fatal heart attack–and she buried him to keep it quiet. It turns out that she enjoyed the subsequent media glare of Carl’s “disappearance”–but the nosing around of a local cop (Regina Hall), her journalist half-sister (Mila Kunis), and others may take the shine off fast! Rambunctious dark farce also stars Awkwafina, Samira Wiley, Wanda Sykes, Juliette Lewis.

Animal Kingdom: The Complete Fourth Season (2019)

When his mother overdosed on heroin, California 17-year-old Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole) had his extended family to fall back on for a sheltering home. Unfortunately, as his grandmother (Ellen Barkin) and uncles (Scott Speedman, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary) are a reprobate clan of career criminals, he might have been better off in the system. Gritty TNT series inspired by the acclaimed 2010 Australian film co-stars Daniella Alonso, Molly Gordon. 13 episodes on 3 discs.

Friday the 13th, Part 2 (40th Anniversary Edition)

It’s five years later, and demented, deformed Jason Voorhees is back (and not looking bad for a guy who drowned). This time, Jason preys upon a group of Camp Crystal Lake counselors-in-training. Blood, guts, knives, machetes, spears, icepicks, hammers in the head…the works! Amy Steel, John Furey, Warrington Gillette, Adrienne King star, with a cameo by Jason’s killer mom (Betsy Palmer).

Caged (2021)

African-American psychiatrist Harlow Reid (Edi Gathegi) protested his innocence to the end after he was convicted and imprisoned for the murder of his wife (Amber Sarafyan). His adamance, however, got him taken out of gen-pop for solitary confinement–where the crushing isolation, his bitter memories, and the sadism of an abusive guard (Melora Hardin) might combine to rob him of his sanity. Harrowing suspense drama co-stars Tony Amendola, James Jagger.

Doc (1971)

The medico in question is famed frontier gunslinger and former dentist John “Doc” Holliday, played by Stacy Keach in this thoughtful western drama. The film explores the man behind the myth, depicting Doc’s relationship with Katie Elder (Faye Dunaway), his friendship with lawman Wyatt Earp (Harris Yulin), and his participation in the 1881 Showdown at the O.K. Corral. With Denver John Collins, Michael Witney, Dan Greenburg.

World of Wong Kar Wai (Criterion Collection)

This seven-disc set of films from Wong Kar Wai includes “As Tears Go By” (1988), “Days of Being Wild” (1991), “Chungking Express (1994), “Fallen Angels” (1995), “Happy Together” (1997), “In the Mood for Love” and “2046.”

The Undoing (2020)

From creator David E. Kelley comes this gripping six-part HBO limited series starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Fraser, a renowned therapist with a seemingly ideal life. It all comes horribly crashing down, however, as Grace is forced to face the devastating realization that not only has her husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant) been having an affair, but now he’s being accused of murdering his mistress. Edgar Ramírez, Noah Jupe, Lily Rabe, and Donald Sutherland also star.

Schoolgirls in Chains (1973)

Bridging the gap between the parent-child chills of “Psycho” and the hillbilly horrors of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” this depraved shocker finds sibling sickos Frank (Gary Kent) and Johnny (John Parker) kidnapping young women for extended sessions of torture in their country home on orders from their crazed mother. Wait until you see what the brutal brothers have in store for these unlucky ladies. With Greta Gayland, Suzanne Lund. AKA: “Girls in Chains,” “Let’s Play Dead.”

Event Horizon (Collector’s Edition)(1997)

In the mid-21st century, the interplanetary research vessel Event Horizon vanishes near the outer reaches of the solar system. Seven years later, the ship just as mysteriously reappears, and a rescue/salvage team is sent out to meet it, unaware that an evil alien presence is on board, waiting for them. Spellbinding sci-fi suspenser stars Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, and Joely Richardson.

The Bloodhound (2020)

Francis (Liam Aiken) received a cryptic invitation from his wealthy, infirm boyhood friend Jean-Paul Luret (Joe Adler), and journeyed to the spectacular if sterile family estate shared only with his ethereally eccentric twin sister Vivian (Annalise Basso). As he settles in to stay, are the odd occurrences in the home tricks of his imagination, or is there something unholy at work? Creepy spin on “The Fall of the House of Usher” also stars McNally Sagal, Kimleigh Smith, Gaby Santinelli.

Reunion (2020)

Pregnant, stressed academic Ellie (Emma Draper) needed some respite, and she thought a journey to her late grandparents’ isolated country home would provide it. Unfortunately, her bitterly estranged mother Ivy (Julia Ormond) was there to close the estate–and an expectedly chilly atmosphere would turn horrific as the family’s dark and suspicious past is explored. Slow-burn suspenser from New Zealand co-stars Ava Keane, John Bach, Cohen Holloway.

The Comey Rule (Special Edition)(2020)

Telling Showtime take on James Comey’s memoir “A Higher Loyalty” casts Jeff Daniels as the former FBI director, focusing on his possibly scale-tipping October 2016 call to reopen the Hilary Clinton email investigation, and the tumult of his brief tenure under President Donald Trump (Brendan Gleeson) as it foundered on his refusal to back off on the Bureau’s investigations into Russian election interference. Holly Hunter, Jennifer Ehle, Scoot McNairy, Michael Kelly, Jonathan Banks also star.

Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016)

Ten years ago, Faye and Lydia each opened their own bakeries in Emeryville, Ohio, after a personal and professional fall-out during a local Pumpkin Pie contest. Now their children, and co-workers, Casey and Sam, are set to carry on the rivalry as they go head-to-head in the same contest. There’s only problem for these two people who are supposed to hate each other, they start to fall in love. Julie Gonzalo, Eric Aragon star.

Phantom (1922)

F.W. Murnau’s haunting psychological drama concerns a small-town clerk (Alfred Abel) who nurses fantasies of fame and admiration after being struck by a passing carriage driven by a rich woman. His infatuation with her feeds his ambitions as a poet, while a potential benefactor’s daughter (Lil Dagover) experiences love for him that goes unrequited. Lya De Putti, Grete Berger also star. Restored version includes color tinting, a new music score, and a version with English language intertitles.

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