Yaphet Kotto: 1939-2021

Yaphet Kotto

We were saddened to hear of the passing of the legendary character actor Yaphet Kotto, who died at the age of 81 yesterday in the Philippines. Best known for his work as the villainous Dr. Kananga in the James Bond film Live and Let Die and as space engineer Parker in Alien, Kotto had legions of fans across the globe. Born in New York City, he tasted early fame on Broadway before transitioning into movies and, later, television. Among the other renowned performances he leaves behind is a scenery-chewing performance in 1987’s The Running Man and his acclaimed role as Lt. Al Giardello in the groundbreaking crime drama Homicide: Life on the Street. Reflect upon Kotto’s life in the following poll, and share your thoughts on him in the comments. He will be much missed.

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