ICYMI: The Van Heflin Classic “Tennessee Johnson” Is Available Exclusively from Movies Unlimited Next Month!

Tennessee Johnson

On November 10th, the Warner Archive is releasing the 1942 favorite Tennessee Johnson, and the title will be available exclusively from Movies Unlimited! Here’s a synopsis of this favorite:

Sterling M-G-M biopic offers a sturdy effort by Van Heflin as 17th U.S. President Andrew Johnson, focusing on his tenure in Washington from the outbreak of the Civil War–where he refused to join his fellow Southern Senators in succession–through his presidency, where his conciliatory posture toward the defeated Confederacy spurred the impeachment effort spearheaded by Rep. Thaddeus Stevens (Lionel Barrymore). Ruth Hussey, Marjorie Main, Regis Toomey, J. Edward Bromberg co-star.

You can pre-order this beloved biopic now!