Create-A-Caption: Saturday Night Fever

This week’s Create-A-Caption takes you back in time to the disco era with Saturday Night Fever. Director John Badham‘s gritter-than-you-remember blockbuster stars John Travolta as Brooklyn resident Tony Manero, a listless young man who finds the only distraction from his boring life and dead-end job comes in the form of his weekly trips to a local club where he reigns supreme on the dance floor. Thanks to a solid script, great performances, peerless choreography and decade-defining songs like “Night Fever,” “Stayin’ Alive,” and “How Deep Is Your Love,” the film remains one of the most successful — and most beloved — releases of all time. For this week’s Create-A-Caption, we’ve taken a still from the film and given it the Create-A-Caption treatment. Leave your own comedic comment below…just don’t touch the hair!

Saturday Night Fever

The 1980s are right over there!