Poll: What’s Your Favorite 1970s Cop Show?

The 1970s were a golden age for cop shows. From Kojak to CHiPs, Columbo to Barney Miller and beyond, the airwaves were packed with shows about law enforcement officers and detectives. For this week’s poll, we want you to get back on the beat and tell us which of the following series was your favorite!

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  • garykevinware

    Hawaii Five-0 is my second favorite show of all-time, behind Perry Mason. I like Columbo but the quality of the episodes wasn’t as consistently good as Hawaii-Five-0.

  • William R Peterson

    Why wasn’t “Hill Street Blues” included in the choices?

    • Lawrence P. Ressler

      It was a 1980s crime drama.

  • Kevin Albertina

    Hawaii Five-0…you can book it Danno.

  • Jeff Gorrell

    Police Story! Every cop watched it.

  • richardpeck

    Kojak a great character: “Cootchie coo, who loves ya, baby?”


    TELLY SAVALAS bald head and charisma along with great story lines made KOJAK a true classic.

  • Tom K.

    Barney Miller reflected the everyday police work-day. Columbo would gently agitate the prime suspect until they would rather go to the slammer than try to answer ‘just one more question’.

  • Mark Daniel

    Columbo was the worse show on TV—couldn’t stand watching it–always turned it off!