What Are Your Favorite Films About Work?

Office Space

Happy Labor Day everybody! Be it the heartfelt drama of Sally Field striving to get better working conditions in Norma Rae, Melanie Griffith trying to make her dreams come true in Working Girl, or the hilarious/relatable employment antics of Office Space, these films all examine the myriad ways in which going to work impacts and shapes our lives and relationships. As we celebrate the individuals of America’s workforce, we wanted to ask you what your favorite films about going to work are. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and enjoy your day off!

  • Kevin Albertina

    Office Space is my favorite by far, primarily because I could relate to many of the situations in the movie. From traffic at a standstill while people walk faster to bosses who wait until the last second to tell you that you need to work on the weekend to office printers and copiers that never seem to work quite right, Office Space was dead on…and funny as hell.

  • Rick

    WORKING GIRL.The feisty blue collar girl sticks it to the female preppie.

  • Mark Wanek

    I loved “9 to 5”. After Mr. Hart is gone for a long time, the ladies take over and turn it into a productive, uplifting workplace.