Did You Know?: Lynda Carter Has Other Wonders

Wonder WomanAmerican actress Lynda Carter is best known for playing the beautiful Diana Prince, an Amazonian princess, on the television series Wonder Woman (1975-1979). For four years she entertained television audiences with her superhuman powers, deflecting bullets with her golden bracelet and capturing criminals with her magic lasso. Lynda Carter truly became her character and Wonder Woman remains part of her identity to this day.

However, Ms. Carter is also famous for another talent: singing. Lynda always enjoyed singing and during the 1970s she recorded an album titled Portrait. Two of the songs that she helped co-write were performed on an episode of Wonder Woman in 1979.

Later, when the series ended, Carter had a variety of her own musical television specials – Lynda Carter’s Special (1980), Encore! (1980), Celebration (1981), Street Life (1982), and Body and Soul (1984) – where she performed with other popular singers of the time, such as Tony Orlando, Kiss, Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers and Ben Vereen.

When she is not doing Wonder Woman appearances, Lynda still tours across the country today performing songs from her latest albums – Crazy Little Things and Red Rock N’ Blues.

Constance Metzinger runs the website Silver Scenes, “a blog for classic film lovers.” This post originally ran last summer.