Create-A-Caption: Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

Here’s the thing about movies of the 1980s, nostalgic is such a bewitching thing than even movies of the era that were considered duds the first time around have — in the subsequent decades — been re-evaluated as cult favorites.

For better or worse.

We will let you decide which category the family adventure Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend falls into for yourself. In case you missed this one during its theatrical release, and we bet you did, Baby stars Sean Young as a paleontologist who stumbles into the discovery of a lifetime when she unearths a family of live brontosaurs in the African jungle. With the help of husband William Katt, she attempts to keep the youngest of the questionably cute/definitely hilarious-looking dinos safe from evil poacher Patrick McGoohan. We’ve taken a still from this most dubious of dinosaur pictures and given it the Create-A-Caption treatment as we continue to celebrate the movies of 1985. Feel free to do the same in the comments below, its dino-mite fun! Sorry.

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

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