“Trolls World Tour,” The Criterion Collection Edition of “The War of the Worlds” and More New Releases

Trolls World Tour

From trolls to Martians and beyond, this week’s new releases offer up plenty of spectacle and entertainment that spans the course of Hollywood history. Take a look at what titles are now available on DVD and Blu-ray, and let your viewing plans commence!

Trolls World Tour (2020)

In the upbeat sequel to the 2016 computer-animated hit, the music genres pop, funk, country, classical, techno, and rock are each represented by a separate Troll community. Can Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) unite the Troll tribes when Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom) and her father King Thrash (Ozzy Osbourne) launch an evil plot to ensure that rock dominates all other musical styles? James Corden, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Clarkson, and George Clinton also supply voices.

The War of the Worlds (Criterion Collection)(1953)

H.G. Wells’ timeless tale of a Martian invasion of Earth is vividly brought to the screen in this classic film from producer George Pal. Armed with highly advanced technology that includes flying war machines, force fields, and death rays, the Martians are more than a match for humanity. Is there anything on Earth able to defeat the evil alien attackers? Gene Barry, Ann Robinson, Les Tremayne star.

Love on Iceland (2020)

Workaholic podcast producer Chloe (Kaitlin Doubleday), her college friends Isabella (Patti Murin) and Kenneth (Preston Sadleir), and Kenneth’s wife Erin (Kate Easton) are off on a relaxing trip to scenic Iceland. But when it turns out Kenneth also invited Chloe’s ex Charlie (Colin Donnell), the sparks that fly between the old flames could heat up the country’s chilly temps. Jóel Sæmundsson co-stars in this pleasant Hallmark Channel romcom.

Proximity (2020)

Was NASA scientist Isaac (Ryan Masson) abducted by aliens while investigating the site of a crashed meteor? Footage recorded by his camera indicates he was, but all Isaac has is a three-day gap in his memory. Now, he’ll embark on a deeply personal mission to learn the truth about what happened to him and share it with the world. Gripping science-fiction drama also stars Highdee Kuan, Christian Prentice, Shaw Jones.

Go Go Mania (aka Pop Gear)(1965)

Far out! This music revue film features some of the greatest British rock bands to ever play. Includes The Beatles, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Herman’s Hermits, The Spencer Davis Group, and many more! Directed by Frederic Goode.

The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961)

Nuclear test explosions set off simultaneously by the U.S. and Soviet Union send the planet off its axis and on a collision course with the sun. As the Earth is thrust into sheer chaos, will another series of nuclear detonations be enough to set things right and save the world? This well-made doomsday thriller from England stars Edward Judd, Janet Munro, and Leo McKern; look quickly for a young Michael Caine as a police constable.

That’ll Be the Day (1973)

Acclaimed blend of “angry young man” tale and rock-’n’-roll drama stars David Essex as Jim MacLaine, a British lad in the late ’50s who drops out of school and leaves home. He drifts through bad jobs and sleazy one night stands before eventually getting married, but must ultimately choose between a working-class existence with his wife and child or pursuing his dreams of musical stardom. Ringo Starr, Billy Fury, Keith Moon co-star; features a great oldies soundtrack that includes Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Del Shannon, Dion, and more.

Murdoch Mysteries: Season 13 (2019)

Based on the novels by Maureen Jennings, this Canadian police procedural drama is set in Victorian Toronto, where the forward-thinking Inspector William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) takes a scientific approach to crimesolving. Using such cutting-edge practices as fingerprinting and lie detection, Murdoch finds his methods constantly questioned by stodgy, skeptical superior officer Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig). With Helene Joy, Jonny Harris. All 18 episodes from the 13th season are included in this five-disc set.

Sorry We Missed You (2019)

Having tread water for a decade, working-class Ricky (Kris Hitchen) saw the offer of becoming a contractor courier as a chance for his small family to finally get ahead. However, between the job’s out-of-pocket requirements, penalties for nonperformance, and 24/6 demands on his time, the fragile threads keeping the household together are inexorably pulled upon. Expectedly trenchant gut-punch to gig economy culture from Ken Loach co-stars Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone, Katie Proctor.

Grunt: The Wrestling Movie (1985)

Pro wrestler “Mad Dog” Joe DeCurso mysteriously disappeared after accidentally decapitating an opponent during a championship match…or did he? When a new masked fighter–called, cleverly, The Mask–suddenly starts tearing up the ring, a documentary film crew will leave no stone unturned in their effort to determine if Mad Dog and the Mask are really one and the same. Offbeat comedy stars Magic Schwarz, Steve Strong, Marilyn Dodds Frank, Lydie Denier, Robert Glaudini.

The Flesh and the Fiends (1960)

In early-19th-century Edinburgh, respected medical professor Robert Knox (Peter Cushing) had little regard for the laws capping the number of cadavers available for his students’ use. Unfortunately, his willful blind eye towards grave-robbing miscreants William Burke (George Rose) and William Hare (Donald Pleasence), and their murderous means of keeping up supply, would foster terror and tragedy. Hammer-style, fact-based gothic chiller co-stars June Laverick, Billie Whitelaw.

Spaced Invaders (1990)

Daffy humor and inventive special effects highlight this fun sci-fi comedy about a group of goofy Martians that intercepts a rebroadcast of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” on Halloween and try to mount an invasion of Earth. But their plans for world domination quickly fall apart when everyone in the small Midwestern town they land near mistakes them for trick-or-treaters. Douglas Barr, Royal Dano, Ariana Richards star.

Black Rainbow (1989)

In this unique thriller, Rosanna Arquette plays Martha Travis, a medium who contacts the spirit of a man she believes has been killed, despite claims by the man’s wife that he’s actually still alive. Later that night, he is, in fact, murdered–and Martha has seen the killer’s face. Will her gift of clairvoyance prove to be a deadly curse that will cost her her life? Jason Robards, Tom Hulce, Mark Joy co-star.

Will & Grace: The Revival: Season Three (2020)

All 18 episodes from the third season of the revived series are included in this release.

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