Create-A-Caption: Jaws 2

Recently, we featured a Create-A-Caption on Jaws here at MovieFanFare, and to keep the shark celebrations going we thought we’d have some fun with Jaws 2 this week. Originally released in June of 1978, the much maligned sequel has none of the charm or groundbreaking thrills of the first film, a fact largely due to Steven Spielberg refusing to return as director. But let’s be clear about something here, by no means is Jaws 2 a sinking ship. Roy Scheider (one of the few principles who returned) is back, delivering a performance that is as captivating as it is unhinged.

There’s a general sense that this movie wants to be bigger and bolder than its predecessor, and more of a popcorn picture than the artistic triumph of Jaws. And so the film includes bland new supporting characters who are little more than shark fodder. But what it lacks in a decent script it more than makes up for in shark spectacle — i.e. Jaws eats a helicopter in this film, easily one of the greatest movie moments ever.

Yes, Jaws 2 is a mess, but what a fun one, and therefore it is perfect chum for the insatiable appetite of our Create-A-Caption feature. We’ve taken a still from the film and added a comedic comment. We urge you to do the same below, just stay out of the water, okay?

Jaws 2

Get my agent on the phone and tell him there’s no way I’m doing Jaws 3