Hard-to-Find Hits from the Warner Archives Are On Sale Now!

Warner Archives Sale

Spanning from the 1920s to today, the titles featured in our Hard-to-Find Hits from the Warner Archives Sale are full of entertainment and excitement. Here’s a random sampling of star-packed made-on-demand masterworks from the Warner Studio Archives that are included in the sale. We think you’ll agree that there’s something here for every taste!

Northwest Passage (1940)

In this rousing adventure saga based on the Kenneth Roberts book that chronicled the exploits of colonial American frontiersman Robert Rogers and his men, Spencer Tracy stars as Rogers, leading a squad of men on a treacherous mission into Indian territory. The raw recruits joining Rogers on the famous raid of Fort St. Francis are played by Robert Young and Walter Brennan. Ruth Hussey, Nat Pendleton co-star.
Gaslight (1944)

Suspense classic set in Victorian London with Ingrid Bergman as Paula Alquist, who, along with her scheming husband Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer), moves into the mansion where she found her aunt murdered years earlier. Gregory soon hatches a sinister plot to make Paula believe she’s on the verge of insanity while he searches for a stash of hidden gems. With Joseph Cotten, May Whitty, and Angela Lansbury (in her film debut).

Blood Alley (1955)

John Wayne is at his two-fisted best as Captain Tom Wilder, a seafaring tough guy who’s thrown in a Chinese prison when his Merchant Marine ship is captured. After two years in jail, Wilder is sprung by the residents of a small village who need him to help them escape Communist China by captaining a beat up old riverboat to freedom in Hong Kong. Lauren Bacall, Paul Fix, Anita Ekberg also star in director William A. Wellman’s exciting action yarn.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)

Tennessee Williams’ scorching tale of heated tempers and eroticism in the Deep South follows boozy former football star Brick Pollitt (Paul Newman) as he struggles with his lack of affection for his wife Maggie (Elizabeth Taylor). Further complicating his life are his confusion over his sexuality and a greedy brother who is vying for their dying father’s fortune. With Judith Anderson, Jack Carlson, Burl Ives; Richard Brooks directs.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964)

Debbie Reynolds is Molly Brown, the irrepressible backwoods gal who proves herself to be the ultimate survivor. At first rejected by Denver’s high society crowd, Molly goes on to live through the famous shipwreck of the Titanic and emerge as a leader of the gold rush-era elite. This vibrant musical by Meredith Willson co-stars Ed Begley, Hermione Baddeley, and Harve Presnell; songs include “I Ain’t Down Yet” and “Belly Up to the Bar, Boys.”

Flareup (1969)

Raquel Welch is at her sexiest, playing a Las Vegas dancer trying to elude a psychopathic stalker who blames her for his being dumped by her co-worker friend. He’s already killed his ex and another go-go girl, and he won’t rest till he completes the set. Welch is featured in sizzling dance sequences set at the Pussy-a-Go-Go; James Stacy, Luke Askew, Ron Rifkin co-star.

Bad Ronald (1974)

Ronald didn’t mean to kill the girl who teased him, so his mother hid him inside a secret room in the house for his own good. When mom dies and leaves him all alone, a new family moves in, unaware that Ronald’s still lurking about. But it’s okay, he likes these folks, especially their three daughters. You could say he’s crazy about them. Scott Jacoby, Kim Hunter, Dabney Coleman star in this classic creepy thriller.

V: The Original Miniseries (1983)

The acclaimed sci-fi drama that spawned the TV series tells of Earth’s first encounter with the Visitors, advanced alien beings whose human-like faces hide their reptilian forms, and whose claims of peace hide a plan for subjugating mankind. Marc Singer, Jane Badler, Faye Grant, and Robert Englund star in this special effects-filled epic.

Supergirl (1984)

When the power source for a lost Kryptonian outpost is flung into space, Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El (Helen Slater) rockets to Earth on a mission to retrieve it…but will the amazing powers she gains be enough to wrest the device from the scheming sorceress (Faye Dunaway) who’s claimed it? Exciting first live-action incarnation for the Girl of Steel also stars Peter O’Toole, Hart Bochner, Mia Farrow, and Brenda Vaccaro. International version includes footage not shown in U.S. theaters.

My Blue Heaven (1990)

After rolling over on the mob, Vinnie Antonelli (Steve Martin) was whisked away to suburbia under the Witness Protection Program. To the constant consternation of stodgy FBI agent Barney Coopersmith (Rick Moranis), his new charge stops cooperating when it comes to keeping a low profile and blending in. Culture clash comedy co-stars Joan Cusack, Melanie Mayron, Bill Irwin, Carol Kane.

Curly Sue (1991)

In this adorable comedy from writer/director John Hughes, a cute little girl (Alisan Porter) and her homeless guardian (Jim Belushi) pull off little scams to get money and meals. A career-oriented lawyer (Kelly Lynch) takes them in and soon loses her heart to the endearing pair.

Human Nature (2002)

Combine a fastidiously uptight behavioral scientist (Tim Robbins), his naturalist girlfriend (Patricia Arquette) who’s waged a lifelong struggle with her abnormal body hair, and the forest-dwelling feral man (Rhys Ifans) they attempt to domesticate, and you have a delightfully offbeat directorial debut from Michel Gondry. Incisive farce scripted by Charlie Kaufman also stars Miranda Otto, Toby Huss, Rosie Perez, Peter Dinklage.

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