What Are Your Top Five Favorite Films?

Here’s a fun midweek question for you: What are your top five favorite films of all time? This is a very tricky question to be sure. So much so, that when I was coming up with this post I had to think long and hard about what my five favorite flicks are. Here’s what I came up with:

This Is Spinal Tap
The Empire Strikes Back
Big Trouble in Little China

Now here’s the thing, both Spinal Tap and Empire are always in my top five, but others tend to drift in and out. I also tend not to put my recent films in my favorites list…which is why Avengers: Infinity War isn’t on there. Additionally, I have a hard time settling on what my so-called favorite film is, as I tend to have different beloved films in each genre.

These are just my own personal criteria, you’re mileage may (and will) vary. So take some time, think it over, and list your five favorites below!