Create-A-Caption: The Seventh Seal

As we continue to celebrate the life of legendary actor Max von Sydow, we thought we’d take a look back at The Seventh Seal. Ingmar Bergman‘s most acclaimed film is a haunting allegory set in the Middle Ages, where a disillusioned knight (Max von Sydow) returning home from the Crusades is challenged by Death to a game of chess, with humans as pawns.

It isn’t exactly a light viewing experience, but fear not, as we will have some fun with the film by making it the focus of this week’s Create-A-Caption. We’ve taken an iconic moment from the film and given it a comedic caption. Do the same below in the comments!

Do you think we could play Pac-Man instead?

  • John

    A twofer for Max:

    “Let me guess: You prefer Black.”

    “Now, if you’re not familiar with this game, I always have Rock and Paper.”

  • Quiggy

    Uhuh. I’ve seen Blazing Saddles. It’s actually in your pocket…

  • Tom K.

    Max; ” Since you’ve been playing chess for several thousand years, I should get at least 7 unopposed free moves at the beginning of the game.”
    Max: “You didn’t beat fiddler Johnny down in Georgia and you won’t beat me.” { Ref: Charlie Daniels’ great hit song. }

  • Bernard Kuszak

    You can wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which you get first.