Poll: Which Iconic British Character Do You Like More: James Bond or Doctor Who?

For this week’s poll, we are asking you to choose between two long-running British franchises known for changing up their lead actor every couple of years: James Bond and Doctor Who. Although very different, each one of these characters fight against impossible odds and iconic villains to make the world (and in the Doctor’s case, the universe) a safer place. Choose below, and tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments!

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  • http://themidnitedrive-in.blogspot.com Quiggy

    James Bond. Unless you are pitting the George Lazenby Bond, then its Dr. Who.

    • John

      George worked out in a pinch. Look who he had to play against!

  • John

    Apples and oranges, Vesper martinis and Jelly Babies, but only seven Bonds (if you count David Niven) against 15 Doctors (if you count Peter Cushing and John Hurt). “My brain hurts!”

  • Lance Kirtley

    Hmmm….Roger Moore was my favourite Bond, but Brosnan had a good mix of Connery and Moore. For the Dr’s I liked Tom Baker best ’til Dave Tennant came along. But I guess I’d rather have a TARDIS than an Aston Martin…

  • Dean

    In Doctor Who, the writers built in a way of explaining the change of the Doctor’s appearance with each change of actor playing the role – the viewers saw the change occur onscreen. With James Bond, there was never any explanation in the films for changes in the character’s appearance.

  • Melinda

    Sean Connery 007

  • jpp452

    Sean Connery as 007. The others are pale imitations.

  • Tom K.

    Our local Drive-In movie theater used to run an all night James Bond ( Sean Connery ) movie marathon. Outstanding ! Ahh, the good ole’ days.

  • garykevinware

    I’d even pick Dr. No over Doctor Who.