Create-A-Caption: Dog Day Afternoon

For this latest Create-A-Caption we are focusing on Dog Day Afternoon (1975), the acclaimed drama in which Al Pacino turns in a tour-de-force performance as down-and-out New Yorker Sonny Wortzik, who─along with his pal Sal (John Cazale)─attempts a Brooklyn bank robbery to pay for his gay lover’s sex-change operation. The heist goes comically awry, escalating into a highly publicized hostage situation that makes Sonny an unlikely media hero. Sidney Lumet‘s Academy Award-winning film, based on actual events, also stars Charles Durning, Chris Sarandon, Carol Kane.

We’ve taken a still from one of the movie’s most iconic moments and given it a humorous caption. Do the same in the comments!

Despite this movie’s title I have yet to see one dog!!!