Share Your Movie Theater Memories With Us!

For this week’s Open Thread, we want you to share your moviegoing memories with us. We are interested in hearing about the following:

– What was the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?

– What were your best and worst moviegoing experiences?

– What movie did you the see the most times in theaters and why?

– Did you ever work in a movie theater? If so, share some stories from the multiplex!

– What was your childhood movie theater? What made it so special?

– Do you prefer seeing films in the theater or at home?

– How do you feel about going to the movies nowadays?

We are really interested in your thoughts on any and all of the above questions, so please share your opinions in the comments below!

  • Quiggy

    I chose to use my own blog to answer the questions in more depth. But I just wanted to comment on the video. I remember that. Whenever someone comes to my place of work, the secretary at the front will get on the intercom and say “(name), you have a visitor in the lobby.” Which always spur me to sing “Let’s all go to the lobby…”