What Were Your Favorite/Least Favorite Movies and TV Shows of 2019?

With 2020 nearly upon us, we here at MovieFanFare find ourselves reflecting upon the past year. There were so many entertainment options in 2019 that we felt at times overwhelmed by all the great films and TV shows available. For this final Open Thread of the year, we want to know what your favorites were. (This was, after all, a year that gave us movies ranging from Avengers: Endgame to Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood to Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and shows that included Watchmen, Big Little Lies, and so much more).

For this final Open Thread, we want you to name your favorite movies/shows from 2019 in the comments. Also, take a moment to let us know why these particular projects resonated with you. But that’s not all! We also want you to tell us about the worst things that you saw this year. Have fun and share your opinions. We can think of no better way to ring in the new year than be hearing all of you talk about entertainment!

  • Bruce Brewer

    Favorite by far: Ford Vs Ferrari. This could be considered the best racing film ever.
    Least favorite or most disappointing: Star Wars.
    They have beat that horse to death. Please, no more!

  • Tom K.

    “Grand Designs” on Netflix has become a favorite at our house. Give H.G.T.V. a break and check this one out. Great series.

  • Raymond J Porth

    Mrs. Maisel is so entertaining, need a little humor after a hard day

    • Richard L Peck

      Agree, this is a terrifically done series, with scenes replaying in my mind long after watching. Also agree with comment above about the disappointing Welcome to Marwen, with the usually excellent Steve Carell lost in a weird concept

  • ReneCat

    Favorite film of 2019? The Kitchen/The Dead Don’t Die. Least favorite? Star Wars The Rise Of SkyWalker.

  • Alf Messina

    Favorite:”JUDY”!!! Congratulations Renee, Golden Globe winner!
    Biggest Disappointment:”Welcome to Marwen”

  • richardpeck

    Just wanted to add a late 2019 movie, Little Women, as a favorite–not just its script and performances, but as probably the most beautifully designed and photographed movie of the year

  • Mel Lastella

    “The Good Fight” , “Mrs. Maisel” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” three of my favorite TV shows