The 1980s Demi Moore Horror Fave “Parasite” Is a Biting Good Time!

When it originally hit theaters in 1982, Charles Band‘s Parasite was presented in 3-D that promised “you will live the thrill.” But even without the gimmick, this is a film that will grab hold of you and won’t let go! Fortunately, KL Studio Classics has just made both options available to you: The 3-D original on Blu-ray and the standard version on DVD.

Set in the once futuristic year of 1992 (!) now ravaged by fallout, the movie stars Demi Moore — in one of her earliest roles — as Patricia, a woman living in a dystopian world where the scheming and sinister Merchants are in charge. Now, Patricia must help scientist Dr. Paul Dean (Robert Glaudini) destroy a pair of slithery creatures he created–one of which is living inside him–while being pursued by a relentless Merchant agent (James Davidson). Luca Bercovici, Vivian Blaine, and former Runaways vocalist Cherie Currie lend support in this monumental monster fest.

The following special features are included in the Blu-ray release:

• Newly Restored in HD from a 4K Scan of the Original Camera Negative

• The BD includes both the 3-D and 2-D Version of the Film

• From the Inside Out: Writing Parasite – Featuring all-new interviews with writers Alan J. Adler and Michael Shoob

• Three Dimensions of Terror: Filming Parasite – Featuring all-new interviews with director Charles Band, co-writer Alan J. Adler, production manager Charles Newirth, art director Pamela B. Warner, and make-up department head Karen Kubeck

• Symphony for Slimy Slugs: Composing Parasite – Featuring an all-new interview with composer Richard Band

• Parasitic: Creating and Designing Parasite – Interview with Creature Designer and Creator Lance Anderson

• Audio Commentary with Writer Alan J. Adler and Filmmaker/Historian Daniel Griffith

• Restoring Parasite in 3-D

• Still and Promotional Gallery

• 2 TV Spots

• 3 Radio Spots

• Reversible Blu-ray Art

• Theatrical Trailer

That’s a super impressive batch of features that make Parasite worthy of leeching its way to your home video library. It is available now.