“Godzilla: King of the Monsters” and “Rocketman” Roar Onto DVD/Blu-ray This Week

Monsters and rockers and pets, oh my! There’s some gigantic (and we don’t just mean that in terms of literal size) new Blu-rays and DVDs now available. Take a look at what you’ll be clearing your schedules to watch in the week ahead!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

City-trampling smash sequel to the Big G’s 2014 American re-imagining goes full monster party, as eco-terrorists seize Monarch technology designed to communicate with Earth’s hidden leviathans–and use it to spur the beasts toward reclaiming the globe from humanity. With Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah rampaging unchecked, will Godzilla right the scales…or add to the carnage? Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Sally Hawkins, Charles Dance, Ken Watanabe star.


As flashy and colorful as its subject, this musical biopic chronicles the early life and career of Reginald Dwight, better known as Elton John (Taron Egerton). Visually stunning performances of some of Elton’s best-loved songs are used to tell the story of a rise to rock and roll greatness that includes addiction, depression, and complex personal and professional relationships. With Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard; features “Your Song,” “Crocodile Rock,” “Tiny Dancer,” the title tune, and more.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Pampered pup Max (voiced by Patton Oswalt) had just gotten used to coexisting with adopted stray Duke (Eric Stonestreet) when owner Katie (Ellie Kemper) opted to get married and have a kid. Stressed out over the new arrival, it takes a journey to the countryside–and some life coaching from sage farm dog Rooster (Harrison Ford)–to get his priorities straight. Fun animated follow-up also features the voices of Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate, Tiffany Haddish, Lake Bell, Nick Kroll, Bobby Moynihan.


Bette Davis may have been looked over for the role of Scarlett in “Gone With the Wind,” but she won her second Oscar for this drama of a manipulative Southern belle who strings along her fiancé (Henry Fonda). After losing her would-be love due to her stubborn pride and vanity, she vows to take extreme measures to get him back. Based on the play by Owen Davis; George Brent, Margaret Lindsay, Donald Crisp, and Best Supporting Actress-winner Fay Bainter co-star.

The Leech Woman

Tipped to a miraculous African formula of rejuvenation, endocrinologist Paul Talbott (Phillip Terry) opted to make an unwitting guinea pig out of his aging, unhappy wife June (Colleen Gray). However, the newly beautiful spouse isn’t arguing about the results…and she’s not at all troubled that the active ingredient has to be harvested from freshly murdered males. Second-bill shudderfest from Universal co-stars Grant Williams, Gloria Talbott, John van Dreelen.

Conflict of Wings (aka Fuss Over Feathers)

The inhabitants of a seaside Norfolk village are up in arms when the RAF looks to procure their beloved offshore island bird sanctuary as a missile target range. While a young airman (John Gregson) and his local girlfriend (Muriel Pavlow) try to broker a peace, it might not be enough in the face of tensions between the government and the creatively obstructionist citizenry. Flavorful comedy-drama co-stars Kieron Moore, Niall MacGinnis, Harry Fowler, Guy Middleton. AKA: “Fuss Over Feathers.”

Fear in the Night (aka Honeymoon of Fear)

Having recently suffered a nervous breakdown, young bride Peggy Heller (Judy Geeson) is attacked by a one-armed man just before she and her teacher husband (Ralph Bates) move to a remote English boarding school where the headmaster (Peter Cushing) is revealed to also have only one arm. Is Peggy telling the truth, is she losing what’s left of her mind, or is there something more sinister at play? Joan Collins co-stars in this eerie Hammer shocker. AKA: “Dynasty of Fear,” “Honeymoon of Fear.”

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

As their aimless lives gravitate around the Bay Area, transient buddies Jimmie (Jimmie Falls) and Mont (Jonathan Majors) each have their issues letting go of the pre-gentrification past…with Jimmie’s focused on the Fillmore District Victorian home that his family lost when he was a kid. When the house goes unoccupied, the duo takes the opportunity to engage in a fateful squat, in this offbeat and flavorful drama. Danny Glover, Tichina Arnold, Mike Epps, Finn Wittrock, Thora Birch also star.

The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (Criterion Collection)

For simple pleasures-loving Tokyo salaryman Mokichi (Shin Saburi) and his grasping, snobbish spouse Taeko (Michiyo Kogure), the magic had long since left their union. After a disruptive stay from their willful niece Setsuko (Keiko Tsushima)–who’s balking at an arranged marriage, and pointing at them as justification–the clashing couple might have their chance at reconciliation. Gently wry observation from Yasujiro Ozu co-stars Kôji Tsuruta, Chishû Ryû.

Child’s Play

When a gaggle of precocious child geniuses (billed collectively as “The Holy Terrors”) is gifted with a new top-of-the line chemistry set, they naturally use it to split the atom…and apply their discovery to the manufacture of nuclear-powered explosive popcorn. Figuring out how to market their invention, however, might be a challenge that’s beyond even them. Engaging and satiric family comedy stars Mona Washbourne, Peter Sallis, John Sharp, Christopher Beeny, Anneke Wills.

Man Without a Star

Cowboy drifter Dempsey Rae (Kirk Douglas) landed a job on a ranch owned by Reed Bowman (Jeanne Crain), a beautiful woman from back East. He’s drawn to his new boss but soon finds his loyalties divided when Reed’s ambition puts her at odds with some local settlers and Rae’s conscience forces him to take their side. Claire Trevor, William Campbell, Richard Boone, Mara Corday co-star; King Vidor directs.

Love Letters

This erotically charged drama features Jamie Lee Curtis in some of the hottest mainstream love scenes ever captured on film. Beautiful deejay Anna Winter (Curtis) finds love letters that reveal her late mother carried on an affair for 15 years. Anna begins seeing an older, married man (James Keach), but their relationship soon turns to emotional obsession. Bud Cort, Amy Madigan, and Sally Kirkland co-star. AKA: “Passion Play.”

V: The Original Miniseries

The acclaimed sci-fi drama that spawned the hit TV series tells of Earth’s first encounter with the Visitors, advanced alien beings whose human-like faces hide their reptilian forms, and whose claims of peace hide a plan for subjugating mankind. Marc Singer, Jane Badler, Faye Grant, and Robert Englund star in this special effects-filled epic.

The Banana Splits Movie

“Tra la la, tra la la…AAAAHHH!” The iconic ‘60s Saturday morning bubblegum band gets the last re-imagining you’d expect in this scream-filled, R-rated shocker, as news of the show’s cancellation shorts the programming of animatrons Fleegle, Drooper, Bingo, and Snorky–and they violently take out their displeasure on their genuinely captive final audience! Kiss your childhood goodbye with Finlay Wojtak-Hissong, Dani Kind, Steve Lund, Sara Canning.

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