Poll: What’s Your Favorite Peter Fonda Film?

One of Hollywood’s most maverick spirits has left us. Acclaimed writer/actor/director Peter Fonda died of lung cancer at his Los Angeles home on August 16th. A trailblazing force of cinema and one of the titans of the New Hollywood movement, Fonda was nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for his work on the 1969 counterculture epic Easy Rider, in which he also starred. While that will also be the work he is most closely associated with, Fonda also drew raves for work as different as his 1997 drama Ulee’s Gold to fondly remembered supporting roles in everything from the sci-fi sequel Escape from L.A. to the noirish thriller The Limey. A part of a Hollywood dynasty that includes his father Henry, sister Jane, and daughter Bridget, his movies have, and will continue to, influence viewers of all ages. To pay tribute to Peter Fonda and the work that he leaves behind, we wanted to get your thoughts on his filmography. Vote for your favorite of his movies below, and share your thoughts on him in the comments below!

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  • http://themidnitedrive-in.blogspot.com Quiggy

    It’s too easy to pick “Easy Rider” although that one will probably win. But that put him on the map. I liked him in “The Wild Angels” which predated “Easy Rider” by a couple of years. And his cameo in “The Cannonball Run” in which he parodied his biker image. I went with his cameo in “Escape from L.A.” however. Mostly because you left out “Idaho Transfer” an oddball movie which he directed but didn’t appear in.

  • Jim

    I voted for “other” since there was no “none” caption. I never cared for him as an actor

  • SteveinSedona

    He also had a cameo in “Wild Hogs.” I went with “The Wild Angels” because it was the first outlaw biker movie. (Except for Lee Marvin’s character, I don’t count “The Wild One”) I hated “Easy Rider” – I went to see it thinking it was going to be another outlaw biker movie. Turned out to be just a couple of druggies. That movie started my intense dislike for Jack Nicholson, which persists until this day.

  • Michael Boyd

    My favorite Peter Fonda movie was Tammy and the Doctor

  • Gary A Bishop

    Going to miss him. I have a lot of his films on DVD and he always gave a commentary with each one and I found it to be interesting. He worked with some great actors and I especially liked the Limey. Just a cool movie overall. He made some stinkers especially in the 80’s and I guess who hasn’t. Everyone had to pay the bills. R.I.P. Peter.