Shout Factory Brings a Trio of Cult Favorites to Blu-ray

The Shout Factory label is well known for presenting masterful home video releases of contemporary cult favorites. Their winning streak continues with a trio of amazing new releases that lovers of offbeat cinema will jump at the chance of adding to their personal movie libraries. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Forbidden World

A monster that devours human flesh runs rampant in a research station on an isolated planet, and a government marshal must help the scientists responsible for its creation find a way to stop the creature before they become its prey. Scare-filled sci-fi tale stars Jesse Vint, Linden Chiles, June Chadwick. AKA: “Mutant.”

Galaxy of Terror

A deep space rescue mission becomes a voyage into deadly horror, as the crew is subjected to alien attacks inspired by their innermost fears. Gruesome sci-fi shocker from producer Roger Corman stars Edward Albert, Robert Englund, Sid Haig, Erin Moran, Taaffe O’Connell, and Ray Walston; James Cameron served as the film’s production designer.

Vice Squad

Sensationally brutal look at the seamier side of L.A. street life, as a woman who turns to prostitution to support herself and her young daughter helps vice squad detectives capture a pimp suspected of murder. But when the crazed flyguy escapes, guess who he sets his deadly sights on? Season Hubley, Wings Hauser, Gary Swanson, Beverly Todd, original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood, and Fred “Rerun” Berry as Sugar Pimp star.

All three of these titles are now available.