Create-A-Caption: Turner & Hooch

Our Create-A-Caption salute to the summer movies of 1989 rolls on with this week’s entry, Turner & Hooch. While an underrated entry in Tom Hanks‘ filmography, this sweet and funny flick is worth another look as it has aged well in the 30 years since its initial release. (Can the same be said for Forrest Gump? I’ll let you fight that out in the comments).

The film stars Hanks as a stuffy North California detective who attempts to solve the murder of an old friend by teaming up with the crime’s only witness…a slobbery French mastiff. Hilarity, and more than a little heartbreak, ensues.

We’ve taken a still from the film and given it a funny caption below, we encourage you to do the same below.

How many critics do you think are going to say that my career is going to the dogs once this flick hits theaters?