Great Movie Scenes: Willy Wonka Makes Violet Feel Blue

What makes Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory such an enduring film favorite is that its lead character is so full of mystery and mischief. The latter is a personality trait that is especially interesting to be featured in what is essentially a children’s movie (although beloved by all ages) since Wonka can seem downright menacing at times. This is demonstrated a few times throughout the picture, especially in the “you get nothing” and trippy boat journey scenes.

Wonka’s factory is indeed a place of magic, but there’s also an ample amount of danger to found on the premises as well. Roald Dahl’s literary works regularly balanced wonder with malice, and this aspect of his work translated especially well to the big screen. Take for example the strange fate of Violet Beauregarde, who becomes permanently blue after eating one of Wonka’s strange creations:

This is a fantastic scene, and one we wanted to share with you in light of actress Denise Nickerson‘s passing last week. Forever known as Violet Beauregarde, Nickerson also had roles in the Children’s Television Workshop series The Electric Company as well as the supernatural soap opera Dark Shadows. In another bit of pop culture history, Nickerson also appeared as a cashier in a commercial for Burger Chef when the fast food chain had a Star Wars promotion in 1977. Take a look:

Denise Nickerson shined bright during her career, and her work in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory will make viewers smile for generations to come…ensuring that she will live forever on screens large and small.