Poll: Who’s Your Favorite “SCTV” Cast Member?

With none other than Martin Scorsese putting the finishing touches on an SCTV retrospective that features appearances from surviving cast members like Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Joe Flaherty, Andrea Martin, Dave Thomas, and Rick Moranis, we thought we’d ask you to pick your favorite actor from the hugely influential sketch series that launched the career of several comedy superstars.

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  • rgordon7

    We need a special dispensation to be able to vote for two favorites. With only one vote, my “favorite SCTV cast member” would have to be one or the other of my all-time absolute favorite SCTV characters, The Shmenge Brothers. And The Shmenge Brothers are inseparable! How could one possibly vote for either one over the other? Yosh (John Candy) over Stan (Eugene Levy), impossible. Stan (Eugene Levy) over Yosh (John Candy), unthinkable. There is only one way out, vote for both! Cabbage rolls AND coffee!! 😉 😉

  • Robert Bishop

    It’s hard to choose only one, as it was an ensemble show. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas were “The Great White North” inseparable. Will never forget Andre Martin’s “Indira” parody of “Evita”. Doorway to Hell, Polynesiatown, and the hilarious Guy Cabellero. Dave Thomas did great parodies of Bob Hope and Walter Cronkite. I know there will be many who disagree but I stopped watching when Martin Short joined the cast, for me it was the beginning of the end. It would be great to be able to get a complete box set of the their 1980 season.

  • Victor Scharich

    Big John got my vote, he just got more main stream movies with some of my favorite OLD stars and I have a fair collection of his body of work… I Love Eugene Levy in the American Pie series, and the rest all did their share of creating memories through movies…..