Check Out These 1970s Film Favorites From Kino Lorber Studios!

Kino Lorber Studios have just made three fantastic flicks from the sensational seventies available on DVD and Blu-ray with new special features that make each of these an unmissable cinematic treat. Here then is a hat trick of 1970s film greatness:

The Girl Most Likely To…

Joan Rivers co-wrote this dark made-for-TV comedy which stars Stockard Channing as Miriam Knight, a homely girl who’s involved in a devastating car accident that causes her to need extensive plastic surgery. When the bandages come off and she’s become a real stunner, Miriam uses her newfound beauty to get revenge on the cheerleaders and jocks who treated her like dirt. Ed Asner, Jim Backus, Fred Grandy, Annette O’Toole co-star.

They Might Be Giants

Manhattan psychiatrist Mildred Watson (Joanne Woodward) took on a most intriguing case: evaluate Justin Playfair (George C. Scott), a retired, wealthy judge who believes he’s Sherlock Holmes–and whose grasping family wants control of his holdings. Against her better judgment, the doctor finds herself drawn into Playfair’s elaborate fantasy life, in this charming comedy from James Goldman’s play; directed by Anthony Harvey. Lester Rawlins, Jack Gilford, Rue McClanahan also star.


In this exciting made-for-TV thriller, political extremist James Wright (E.G. Marshall) gets himself a captive audience–all of San Diego–thanks to a hijacked shipment of deadly nerve gas he plans to release while the president is in town. Can government agent Steven Graves (Ben Gazzara) defuse his threat in time? William Windom, Martin Sheen, Joseph Wiseman co-star; Michael Crichton directs from his novel, “Binary,” which was written under the pseudonym John Lange.

All of the above titles are now available here.