Discuss the “Game of Thrones” Finale in This Spoiler-Packed Open Thread

If you don’t want the eighth season and/or series finale of Game of Thrones spoiled for you turn away now.


Last exit to Westeros is right here.

Okay then. So tonight sees Game of Thrones ending for the last time ever, and, obviously, you probably have some feelings about this. (Especially since a small-but-vocal contingent of fans have started a petition for a do over of this last season). The comments section below is a place where you can discuss the good, the bad, and the violent of the finale. Who do you think should wind up in the Iron Throne and rule over the Seven Kingdoms? Will prestige television ever be the same again? How would you end the series? Have at it below.

And now your watch has ended.

  • Jerry Quinlan

    The writers did not know how to end this magnificent story. All the years building up to the finally that led to this ….the last series episodes are a joke. I am 84 years old and can not remember names. But for a sister and brother to end in a collapsed castle..come on. John Snow going off to the Wall…. what Wall….it’s been destroyed and the night walkers are gone. What happen to Aray learning to be no-one. I could go on but what’s the use, it’s over……Sad.