Open Thread: Share Your Thoughts On the Alien Franchise!

May 25, 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott‘s Alien, the groundbreaking blend of science fiction and terror that changed the motion picture landscape. Today is Alien Day, the annual celebration of the franchise, its characters, and its merchandise. Throughout the day we’ll be showcasing various articles based on the films from the MovieFanFare archives, and we wanted to kick things off by asking you to tell us about how these nasty xenomorphs with acid for blood have impacted your life. In the comments below, feel free to discuss any of the following questions (or anything to do with these movies really):

– Did you see the original Alien in theaters? What was that experience like?
– Why do you think this space saga has endured for four decades?
– Who is your favorite character in the Alien franchise and why?
– Do you collect any Alien merchandise? If so what?
– Do you feel that the story should continue? Or has it run its course?
– What is your least favorite Alien film?
– What are your thoughts on the Alien vs. Predator films?

Share your thoughts on all things Alien below! And keep checking back for more Alien Day 2019 content!