Share Your Star Wars Moviegoing Memories With Us!

The biggest movie news right now is the new trailer for the next Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker. Set to hit theaters this December, this ninth film in the sci-fi space franchise will wrap up the story of Luke, Leia, Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo, Chewbacca, et al. (Don’t worry though, as there will likely be new Star Wars films from now until the end of time, indeed both the creators of Game of Thrones and The Last Jedi‘s Rian Johnson are working on brand new trilogies as you read this). We thought we’d take advantage of this latest wave of Star Wars mania to ask you about your memories about seeing these films in theaters. So we’d like you to answer any or all of the following questions in the comments:

– What was the first Star Wars film you saw in the theater?
– How many Star Wars films have you seen during their initial theatrical exhibition?
– What are your memories of what the crowd reactions were like to these movies? Do you remember any specific scene that got a huge response? If so, what was it?
– Which Star Wars movie did you see theatrically the most and why?
– What was the longest line you ever had to wait in to get tickets to see a Star Wars film?

Also feel free to share with us any of your memories about seeing these films theatrically. The comments section may not be a galaxy far, far away, but it is a fun place to share your thoughts on these unforgettable movies and characters. So have fun and remember, the Force will be with you, always!

  • Quiggy

    I have stated this elsewhere, but I’ll repeat it. When I was 8 or 9 my father took the family to see “Patton”. I don’t actually remember going to see it, actually, but it had repercussions. Because of the language my father refused to let my sister and me go to any PG movies. When Star Wars came out he was still sticking by it, but I was reading the novelization and pointed out that there were no foul words in it, so finally he broke down and allowed us to go. I went to every one of the following movies (because by the time the sequels came out I was of age and didn’t have to ask permission.) I always waited until a week or so after the release so there were no long lines. I only went once to each in the theater, but I have the DVDs so I have seen the movies several times at home.

  • chrijeff

    In the winter of 1976-7, I went to the Creation ComiCon in NYC. Lucasfilms had sent a representative with a slideshow, and when I got home I told my mother, “There’s this movie coming out Memorial Day called Star Wars–I think we’d like it.”

    We went, I think, the second week the movie was in release. There were *still* lines halfway around the theater! Then, after the opening crawl, here came the Star Destroyer over our heads (or so it seemed), with the Dolby making the whole auditorium shake!

    In the end I must have seen ANH about 30 times over the next year or two–at one time I could recite the entire script from memory! I saw TESB and RTOJ in the theater too, but then my finances took a nosedive, movie prices went into the stratosphere, and I haven’t seen any of the others. (I have them on DVD, though, and if the player and the TV will ever decide to talk to each other, I’ll watch them and see what all the debate is about!)

  • tyefyter

    I remember seeing the first Star Wars film, which is now the 4th film ANH, I was eight at the time; my sister Sandy took me, I think the tickets then at top gouge price were $2.50, and you could buy that beautiful souvenir booklet at the concession stand; I still have mine to this day!! I remember sitting in my seat stuffing popcorn into my face and then,… That Star Destroyer flew overhead in hot pursuit of the Tantive IV. My little mind was officially blown, and nothing would ever be the same again!! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen ANH but it must be in the high hundreds by now. I have seen every theatrical release of anything dealing with Star Wars; I’ve bought them all on VHS,Laserdisc, DVD, and now finally on Bluray. I’ve always wanted to don a gleaming white set of Stormtrooper armor and walk the floors of Comicon or any of the Star Wars conventions, but unfortunately never had the funds to do so. I really do love the complete Skywalker story arc so far; and I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but I seem to be one on a very short list it seems, that has not seen where Disney has dropped the ball yet on this franchise. I even love the offshoot Star Wars stories,” Rogue One” and “Solo”. I still to this day don’t understand why it seems so many fans absolutely loathed “Solo” and “Last Jedi” I have seen the teaser trailer for “Rise of Skywalker” and of course I’m in eager anticipation of seeing it; and the return of Lando,…. come on! Who doesn’t want to see that? Apparently a lot of you judging by the comments section on youtube. The same trolls who shot down “Last Jedi” are basing their experience with that film,and automatically dismissing “RIse of Skywalker” before it’s December release! The lesson I take away from all of this is to NEVER read the comments on youtube dealing with Star Wars, because it’s something I feel so passionate about. At the same time however, everyone has an opinion, and that’s what makes America so great. Ultimately it’s my opinion and mine alone how “I” feel about the film; and on December 20th I’ll be catering to my inner eight year old, stuffing my face with popcorn and if my theater seat had a seat belt, I would have it fastened tight preparing for that moment when the giant Star Wars logo is emblazoned on the screen just before the preamble of the scrawling text begins; launching me one last time into that “Galaxy far,…far,…away!

  • momcat1948

    My oldest son was born in 1974 and his favorite movies were Star Wars movies. The first one (#4) we watched in VHS about once a month or so. Spent a lot of money on movie rentals until we could afford to buy the movie and watch it as much as 2 -3 time a week. When they came out in DVD we bought them also.
    The rest of the series we saw at the theater, always together, and purchased them ASAP. He passed away in 2003. I have all of them but have not watched any since he died. In fact, it has been almost 17 years since I have watched any of them. I have brought the original one out many times, but never been able to watch it. Maybe some day I will be able to enjoy it again.