Create-A-Caption: Giant

It has been far too long since we have had any James Dean content on this page for you to enjoy, so we are rectifying that right now! For this week’s Create-A-Caption, we are focusing on the 1956 classic Giant. The stunning drama chronicling the lives of two generations of Texas cattle raisers is a remarkable yet bittersweet accomplishment since it marks the final film shot before Dean’s untimely death in 1955. Despite such a brief lifetime, performances such as this one in which he plays a ranch hand-turned-oil-tycoon illustrate why the actor is still a part of the cultural conversation all these decades later.

We’ve taken a publicity image from Giant featuring Elizabeth Taylor and added our own comedic caption. Do the same in the comments below!

I’m pretty sure I prefer the red windbreaker to these country duds.

  • Quiggy

    What do you mean “We’re out of gas”, Jett?

  • John

    “I think I swallered my chaw.”

  • Tom K.

    ” You didn’t fill up with gas AND you can’t properly wear that cowboy hat ! “

  • Raymond J Porth

    What do you mean you never

  • Raymond J Porth

    hat do you mean you never driven before.


    I’m gonna be a rich’un, I’m gonna
    be rich boy someday.

  • Jimster

    I’ll be right back. honey. I have to take care of some business behind that tree over there.

  • trlovens

    “Oh, for pete’s sake, will you take that taco off your head?”