Movie Trailer of the Day: Leprechaun

If you’re looking for an alternative to your traditional St. Patrick’s Day viewing, might I suggest checking out Leprechaun? The 1993 horror-comedy is as memorable for its ridiculous premise — the titular folklore character (played by Star Wars regular Warwick Davis) seeks vengeance against those he blames for stealing his pot of gold. Among those that get caught up in this unluckiness are a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston, just adding to the appeal of this over-the-top guilty pleasure. Check out the film’s trailer:

The Quiet Man this ain’t.

Despite the film’s low budget of $1,000,000 and a lack of any huge star power upon its initial release, the movie became a cult phenomenon. Making a profit and continuing to find new fans via rentals and TV airings. As of this writing there have been five sequels and a reboot, ensuring that the Leprechaun saga will continue to have viewers chasing its rainbow of gore and jokes for decades to come.