Create-A-Caption: Tron

The 1982 Disney sci-fi film Tron plunged viewers into a world unlike anything captured on film before. By mixing traditional cinematography with groundbreaking computer-generated imagery (in a time when such special effects were in their infancy), the movie broke boundaries. And its dazzling imagery aside, it also told a pretty fantastic story. Jeff Bridges starred as a brilliant software creator/hacker who gets sucked into a magnificent landscape inside the computer. Once there, he must figure out how to get home while doing battle against the diabolical Sark (David Warner) and the Master Control Program with the help of Tron (Bruce Boxleitner), a heroic figure who “fights for the users” in his world.

We’ve taken an image from the film and added our own comedic caption. Do the same in the comments below. End of line.

I’m so glad that computer programs don’t have to pay electric bills. Have you seen the lighting scheme of this place? Sheesh.
We are reprinting this post as part of our Summer of Blockbusters series.