What’s Your Favorite Luke Perry TV Performance?

We are still reeling from the news that Luke Perry died earlier this week at the young age of 52 following a massive stroke that he suffered last week. After getting his start in soap operas, Perry, along with his fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 cast mates, became an overnight star when that Fox teen drama launched in the early 1990s. Critics of the time were quick that constantly refer to the actor as the James Dean of Gen X, and in an effort to avoid being typecast, Perry frequently poked fun at his own celebrity — self-effacing performances on The Simpsons and a memorable Saturday Night Live hosting gig proved that he had some serious comedic chops. Movie roles in efforts like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 8 Seconds followed, but it was on the small screen where he truly shined. For the remainder of his too-brief life, Perry could be seen delivering a variety of soulful performances, most recently on the hit CW soap Riverdale, in which he plays Archie’s father and was the emotional core of the series. Off-screen, Luke Perry was noted as being a humble, down to Earth husband and father who never let his celebrity get to his head. These factors make his passing all the more painful. Yet his work will endure, and he leaves behind so many great performances. We will ask about his film work in a future poll, but for now we want you to help us in our celebration of Luke Perry by telling us which of his television roles was your personal favorite. And please share your memories of how he touched your life in the comments below.

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  • Perry Z.

    The best Luke Perry TV performance ever? Is this a joke? In the 1993 book, “Young Hollywood”, Mr. Perry is quoted as saying, “I ain’t no f—ing idol. I’m not that sensitive. I don’t sing or nothin'”. As far as I’M concerned, the late Mr. Perry couldn’t ACT OR NOTHIN’, either.

  • Juanita

    My favorite is when he was on Law & Order SVU.

  • Butch Knouse

    A recent Hallmark movie about a cowboy star who turns out to be a New York yuppy who can’t even ride a horse.