Poll: What’s Your Favorite Dick Miller Performance?

Known for an unparalleled sense of comedic timing and for playing gruff-yet-lovable characters, Dick Miller had a career in Hollywood than spanned over 50 years. The legendary character actor — whose film and television work included roles in projects as diverse as A Bucket of Blood (an underrated horror/comedy effort that let him to take center stage), Gremlins (one of many collaborations with director Joe Dante), an unforgettable two-part guest spot on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and many, many more. Miller played hundreds of roles during his life, and his presence was always welcome. Dick Miller died yesterday at the age of 90. Throughout the rest of the week, we will have several posts about his life and work, but for now we wanted you to make the difficult choice of picking a favorite performance from his best known roles. Be sure to share your Dick Miller memories in the comments below.

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