Classic Hollywood Open Thread: Share Your Thoughts On Cary Grant Here!

This year MovieFanFare celebrates its tenth anniversary, and to celebrate we will be rolling out several surprises and new features throughout 2019. To start off, we want to showcase a new kind of Open Thread feature dedicated entirely to Tinseltown’s heyday! Our Classic Hollywood Open Thread posts will honor the greatest stars, films and directors of the golden age of cinema, providing a place where you the entertainment lover can share your thoughts on anything and everything related to the topic at hand. For this inaugural post, we are putting a spotlight on the former Archibald Leach, better known to the world as Cary Grant.

In the comments section below, we’d like you to discuss Grant’s life and work. What are your favorite films of his? Least favorite? What is it about Grant that made him so beloved? Do you have a favorite Cary Grant anecdote? Let’s hear what you have to say!