Create-A-Caption: Back to the Future Part II

Seeing how we are kicking off this week with nostalgia for 1989, we thought we’d carry the looking back over into this week’s Create-A-Caption, specifically the movie Back to the Future Part II. Director Robert Zemeckis (who most recently helmed the box office disappointment Welcome to Marwen), reunited stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd for a mind-bending sequel to the 1985 sci-fi comedy classic that took Marty McFly and Doc Brown into the future and, you guessed it, back again.

We’ve taken a still from Back to the Future Part II and added our own comedic comment. Take a break from hoverboarding and do the same!

Hey Doc, I don’t mean to question your science or anything, but you realize that “the future” of 2015 was four years ago, right?

  • Bryan Ruffin

    Doc; You’ve been to the future, right!?! You’ve seen what the world has to offer. All the advances. This is the shirt you came back with?!?

    This world is really doomed!

  • Quiggy

    You’ve been to the future and the best thing you could find is a Viewmaster?

  • Kenny Koala

    Give me another nickel = quick!

  • John

    “By George Eastman, on television he DOES look much smaller!”