Create-A-Caption: Gremlins

Originally hitting theaters in the summer of 1984, Joe Dante‘s dark comedy Gremlins is part It’s a Wonderful Life/part 1950s B-movie. Set against the holiday season, it isn’t a holiday movie per se, but it sure does get an upsurge in popularity every December.

For the record, it is a must watch for this writer every holiday season. Because of this, I wanted to wrap up our Christmas-themed Create-A-Captions for the year with one based on Gremlins. We’ve taken an image from the film below and added our own comedic comment, and we ask you do the same below. Just keep your comment out of bright light, don’t get it wet, and no matter what, don’t feed it after midnight!

Thanks, you’re a lovely crowd! For my next number, I’ll be performing “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” Wait, where’s everybody going?”