Create-A-Caption: The Bishop’s Wife

The Bishop’s Wife is the motion picture equivalent of wrapping yourself up in a blank on a bone-chilling winter night — warm and welcoming and lovely. This 1947 Yuletide favorite stars Cary Grant as Dudley, an angel who is assigned to go to Earth to assist young bishop Henry (David Niven) in spiritual and relationship matters, including helping the holy man in his quest to raise the funds necessary to build a new cathedral. Revealing his identity only to a nonplussed Henry, Dudley’s mission is complicated when he starts to develop feelings for his charge’s beautiful wife, Julia (Loretta Young).

For this latest holiday-themed Create-A-Caption, we have taken a still from the film below and added our own comedic caption. Add to your Christmas cheer by doing the same in the comments!

Being an angel gives you remarkable perspective on things. For example, pretty much all of the ornaments and tinsel on that tree is made of asbestos, which is a huge Bah Humbug!