The Clint Eastwood Favorite “Hang ‘Em High” Gets A Deluxe 50th Anniversary Edition

On August 3, 1968, Hang ‘Em High originally hit theaters. The film starred Clint Eastwood — back in America and fresh off of his success with the “Dollars” trilogy that established him as a global superstar — as Jed Cooper, a cattleman who is falsely accused of murdering a local rancher. His innocence established, Cooper takes a job as a marshal and sets out to bring to justice the members of a lynch mob who tried to string him up. Directed by the underrated Ted Post the film brought in nearly $7,000,000 at the box office and is still considered a watershed moment in the history of Westerns.

To commemorate Hang ‘Em High‘s 50th anniversary, Shout Select will release a special 50th Anniversary Edition blu-ray of the film on December 11th. This glorious high-definition version of the film features the following special features:

– Audio Commentary With Western Film Historians Lem Dobbs And Nick Redman.
– Audio Commentary With Film Historian Jim Hemphill.
– Theatrical Trailer.

More than just a compelling piece of cinema, Hang ‘Em High showcases Clint Eastwood in his prime, and is an unmissable example of how riveting the Western genre can be. If for some reason you have never seen this one, get back in the saddle by checking it out when it is released in a few weeks.