Create-A-Caption: Basket Case

Although it feels like a sleazy grindhouse flick of the mid-1970s, Frank Henenlotter‘s demented low-budget horror flick Basket Case actually first hit theaters in April of 1982. I’ve gone on record for my love of this silly and gory flick here on MovieFanFare before, but just a recap: The film follows Duane Bradley (Kevin Van Hentenryck) and his deformed conjoined twin Belial as they travel to New York City to get revenge against the doctors that performed an unscrupulous separation surgery on them years earlier. Along the way, they meet some charming locals and maybe even find love…well, sorta.

To say anymore would be to take away from the film’s cheapo thrills. For this latest 31 Days of Halloween Create-A-Caption, we’ve taken a still of one of the film’s more memorable moments (and believe me, in a movie this packed with craziness that is saying a lot) and given it our own comedic comment. Do the same below.

And hey, what’s in the basket?

You know doc, I really enjoy these therapy sessions and all, but we really need to talk about you getting a new office.