Movie Trailer of the Day: “House on Haunted Hill”

Not to be confused with Shirley Jackson‘s novel The Haunting on Hill House (which itself was filmed as The Haunting in 1963 and 1999), House on Haunted Hill offers up an abundance of fun thrills.

This classic from schlockmaster William Castle stars the one and only Vincent Price as a maniacal millionaire who rents a spooky house to throw a party for his wife Annabelle (the fantastic Carol Ohmart). Inviting a group of guests whom he offers $100,000 if they can last the night in the creepy home.

Here’s the film’s magnificent trailer:

When originally played with theaters in 1959, the film had a fantastic gimmick: “Emergo” technology that had a skeleton seemingly leap off the screen into an audience via some unique William Castle magic that utilized a specially rigged pulley system installed in the theater. While it’s a challenge to recreate this stunt for your own home viewings of House on Haunted Hill, by no means is it necessary to enjoy the movie’s many charms.