What Are Your Favorite Autumn Movies?

Now that the oppressive heat and humidity is (hopefully) a thing of the past, we are heading towards that wonderful time of year. Open windows, cool air, and the feeling of renewal that comes from the arrival of a new season. For this latest Open Thread, we have a simple question for you: What are your favorite autumn movies?

What is an autumn movie exactly? Well, it can either be a film whose setting is rich with falling leaves and the feeling of possibility like When Harry Met Sally or one that just evokes the sense of wonder the season offers, such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Or maybe it’s just a movie that you saw for the first time in the fall, and therefore have always associated with this time of year.

And then of course come the variety of horror movies set during this time of year, perhaps best exemplified by the obvious choice of Halloween.

Let us know which movies you consider to be fall films and why in the comments below. While we are most definitely looking forward to your insights, we aren’t eagerly anticipating the cold winter which will soon follow!