Tell Us What Frightful Flicks Should We Cover In Our 31 Days of Halloween Posts!

We are currently in the midst of planning our 31 Days of Halloween posts that will be featured alongside of our regular content all October long. Things are going to get spooky, kooky, and maybe even all-together ooky (with apologies to The Addams Family) around here, and we all already hard to work to make sure that MovieFanFare is your go-to destination for everything fright flick-related. That said, we want your input in order to make this Halloween season the freakiest funfest ever to hit the Internet, so take a moment and answer the following questions in the comments:

• What decade is your favorite for horror films and why?

• Name some specific films that you want us to cover in our 31 Days of Halloween posts. Or for that matter, name some movies that you don’t want us to feature articles on!

• What are your all-time favorite scary films?

• Who is your favorite horror director and why?

• Which horror movies do you consider to be guilty pleasures?

• Are there any under-the-radar frightfests that you think more people should know about? Then let us know what they are!

We look forward to hearing what you have to say. And be sure to check back all October long to see if your choices made the cut. We can’t wait for the sublime scares to begin!