Get Your Week Started Right With This Montage of Training Montages

It’s Monday morning and the summer is pretty much over. So yeah, you have some right to be a bit bummed out today. As always though, the movies can help. There’s no better way to get yourself motivated to start a new week by checking out a good old-fashioned training montage.

Wait, scratch that. There is a better way, and that is to watch a training montage of training montages!

So what the heck is a training montage? It’s a sequence in a motion picture in which a character or character works out, gets in shape, is knocked down but subsequently gets back up to find victory due to their super awesome training, and generally prepares themselves for some upcoming confrontation/gets totally pumped while an inspirational pop song plays on the soundtrack. (Think the Rocky films, The Karate Kid, Kill Bill, etc). This cinematic artform peaked in the 1980s, and is not to be confused with the similarly themed learning montage, as seen in movies like Real Genius and Summer School.

Above is a “training montage montage” by Slacktory that showcases some of the greatest training montages in film history. See if it helps get you going. Either way, it’s still going to be Monday. Sorry about that.