Poll: Which Character from “Pulp Fiction” Is Your Favorite?

For this week’s poll, we’re taking you back to 1994 and arguably the most influential film of the 1990s, Pulp Fiction. Combining elements of humor, noir, and violence, Quentin Tarantino‘s blockbuster was a critical and commercial success that was unlike anything mainstream moviegoers had seen before or since.

With a cast that included everyone from John Travolta (in his comeback role) to Uma Thurman to Bruce Willis to Samuel L. Jackson, Pulp Fiction is an ensemble masterpiece…making your decision below all the more difficult!

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  • http://themidnitedrive-in.blogspot.com Quiggy

    I picked “the Wolf” because I really liked his “I don’t have time for BS” attitude. Also I like Harvey Keitel in just about everything I’ve seen him in…

  • Tom Johnson

    I really wondered if perhaps Jackson might have won the Oscar that year – I think had not he been up against Martin Landau – that was a tough one – I do think, however, Uma Thurman definitely deserved it over Diannne Wiest – never could figure that one out!

  • Tom K.

    Captain Koons / Christopher Walken, is the only actor who could have pulled off the “Legacy of the Watch” scene – with a straight face. That tragic story was as painful as it was hilarious. Next time you view this movie, check that tattered – old watch closely and note the ‘moisture’ lingering within ! Ewwwww !