Join Us As We Celebrate Pop Culture Canines with Our “Dog Days of Summer” Week!

There’s no way around it, this time of year is gross. The days are packed with unrelenting heat and humidity that sap your energy and send electricity bills skyrocketing. There’s seemingly little hope that the temperature will ever be reasonable again, and memories of a time before sweat-soaked afternoons feel like a distant memory.

Simply put, the dog days of summer are here. And they are barking up a storm.

As is our advice with many of life’s problems, there is comfort to be found in popular culture — specifically television and films. (Although we are admittedly a bit biased around these parts). And few things bring a smile to our face faster than dogs popping up in movies and shows. Realizing this, we decided that nothing can cool things off quicker than some cute canines, and thus our Dog Days of Summer Week was born!

Beginning tomorrow and lasting until Saturday, August 11th, the Dog Days of Summer Week will focus on pop culture pooches ranging from Lassie to Benji to Scooby-Doo. And since this will be a fun event, you don’t have to worry about any Old Yeller-style tragedies featured in these posts…because that would be ruff! (Sorry). And don’t worry, these posts won’t replace our regular content but rather supplement it with some furry fun. So join us back here tomorrow, we think you’ll be howling mad if you miss out on the entertainment we have planned for you!