Create-A-Caption: Rocky

Hey yo Adrian! For this week’s Create-A-Caption we are traveling through time and space to 1976 Philadelphia to celebrate the ultimate underdog tale, Rocky. Sylvester Stallone‘s pugilist picture is not only a sensational sports movie, but an inspiration to anyone who ever had the courage to follow their dreams.

We’ve given the Italian Stallion the Create-A-Caption treatment before, but you just can’t keep a good fighter down. Therefore, we’re allowing you to get in the ring with Rocky once more to get your comedic jabs in with the picture below. We’ve added our own funny caption, and we encourage you to do the same in the comments. Whadyya say, can you come up with a joke that is a real knockout?

Rocky may have been a great fighter, but he was clearly unaware that you can just buy meat tenderizer at the supermarket.