Share Your Thoughts On Superhero/Comic Book Movies Here!

Today marks the start of San Diego Comic Con, the annual celebration of comic books, TV shows, films, and collectibles that is the biggest pop culture event of the year. The next couple of days are going to be a geek’s dream true, with trailers and information about upcoming releases coming fast and furiously. Since we have been showcasing such genre entertainment in our ongoing Summer of Sci-Fi posts, we wanted to give you the opportunity to discuss all things superhero movie-related — from Superman: The Movie to Howard the Duck to Avengers: Infinity War to Deadpool 2 and beyond.

Among the things we’d like to hear your thoughts on:

• What was the first superhero movie you ever saw in a theater? What were your thoughts?
• What is your favorite comic book movie and why?
• A lot of critics talk about “superhero fatigue” these days, do you personally think that there are too many films inspired by comic books? If so, why?
• In your opinion, what is the worst superhero or comic book movie you have seen? What makes it so terrible?
• Name some of your favorite underrated comic book films,
• How many superhero/comic book films do you have in your personal collection? Which ones?
• Why do you think that these types of movies have struck such a chord with the viewing public?
• What comic properties would you like to see on the big screen?
• How do you feel about reboots of superhero films?
• Who is your favorite cinematic Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man?

Feel free to discuss any and all of these topics below! We’re sure that your comments will be, well, super!